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About Us

Welcome to Dandelion and Hope! My name is Angela and I am the creator and founder of Dandelion and Hope. My journey into the world of essential oils began in 2014 when my sister introduced me to holistic healing. At the time I was looking for natural resources to help my autistic son with various issues, including severe croup since he was a baby. As it was difficult to know what was wrong with my baby, it was more challenging as he was diagnosed with autism at 2-years-old and was non-verbal until 3.5-years-old. I felt a heaviness in my heart when I couldn’t give him any relief, either physical or emotional. One day, when he was suffering from a severe case of pneumonia, I decided to use the oils to try to improve his immune system, support his respiratory system and help aid his anxiety and emotions. It didn’t take long to see improvements in his physical and emotional states after using the oils. Afterwards, I started using oils on the entire family and it became a part of our lifestyle.


Another family member who benefitted from the oils was my diabetic mother. Her advanced diabetes caused daily pain, fatigue, emotional stress and more. Since the oils worked with my son, I decided to try the oils on her. Soon, we could see that the oils helped ease her symptoms and improved her quality of life.

These two testimonies planted a seed in my heart. It helped me realize my gift of nurturing and serving others through a natural and holistic approach. I look forward to creating oil blends for you that impact your life as much as they have impacted mine!

Behind the Name

My children were fascinated by dandelions from very young. Whenever we went to the park or traveled to another city, they always seemed to find a dandelion. They would pick it, make a wish and dream of things they imagined for their futures. To this day, their excitement for finding dandelions has never waned and now it is our special bonding activity.

The dandelion represents my children and their love of freedom, joy, and wonder. The dove represents hope – named after my mother, Esperanza. Together, these two symbols represent my greatest loves and the reason I pursue holistic healing. To my mother and children, thank you for helping me find my passion and purpose of nurturing and serving others.

Our Mission

To educate individuals on the benefits of integrating essential oils as part of their lifestyle and to open the minds to the possibilities of holistic healing and support for the body.

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